Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The only thing we can be sure of is things are going to change. Change seems to be a constant thing in my life right now. Nathan took a new job & is now working from home. Our homelife has changed. The Center is undergoing a major time of transition that has had significant impact on my job. My role has changed. I have to find a new job by May when my degree will be complete. My job and life will change.

During this time of uncertainty and newness, I am learning a lot about how to lead change and manage the emotions involved. I did not expect to be so emotional when faced with all of these changes. However, change in general brings a sense of loss and of fear - loss of what we know to be comfortable and fear that we might fail. Simply acknowledging these emotions can do wonders for moving past them! They will still be there but suddenly they'll be manageable. I know that as a leader I will at one point be faced with the challenge of leading others through a change that I see as critical for success. I have learned the importance of communicating clearly, quickly, and consistently. More importantly, I have learned that emotion will accompany any transition. And it's the leader's responsibility to help the group through those emotions and lead them to a place of understanding, acceptance, and eventually excitement.