Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update from the Heart Land

I was driving this past week and had a sudden realization - we moved. I mean, I knew we moved to Oklahoma but the weight of that finally hit me. Everything we once knew has changed. Even though I grew up in Edmond, it is a totally different town now and different things are important to me today than 10 years ago! It will take us time for this to feel like home.

We also bought a "used home" (as we lovingly refer to it) for the first time. It's been strange moving into a house that requires a bit of work (ok, maybe more than a bit) but we are also excited to live in it for awhile and really plan out what we want to do. The yard needs a ton of work as well but who wants to do that in the 100+ degree heat. I had forgotten how unbearably hot Oklahoma can get! Whew!

Our house has sold in Arkansas and closed today. Our NWA chapter of our lives has officially come to a close. It's bittersweet - we loved our time there but are so happy to be here close to our families. It has been nice to see them so frequently and for Nash to get to spend quality time with them as well. He's a very loved little boy.

Speaking of Nash - he is now 6 months old! Can't believe he's changed so much and how quickly time has flown by. He is now rolling over, eating lots of baby food (his favorites are sweet potatoes and pears), cooing and squealing ALL the time, sleeping through the night, and overall one of the most chill babies I have ever seen. I can't express how much we love him and how lucky we feel to be his parents.

Our family on Father's Day

Nash and Meme Grape

Tummy Time at School

Overall, life is good but hectic. We are anxious to feel settled and have everything put away in its perfect place and get back into a groove. Hoping it comes soon!