Thursday, September 22, 2011

Change is good for the soul, right?

Once again, a lot has changed since my last blog post. I definitely have to mark 2011 down as the year I have seen the most change in my life - and there are still 3 more months to go! Since my last post, I have left my job at ONEsite, returned to Rockfish working remote from OKC, and our baby boy has started moving and grooving. When I stop and think about everything we've been through this year, it's no wonder I'm exhausted!
  • We had our first baby.
  • I returned to work.
  • We moved to OKC.
  • We sold our beloved custom-built house in Arkansas
  • I took a new job.
  • We bought a new house that we love even more, despite its quirks. ;)
  • I put Nash into a new school, that lasted 3 days.
  • I put Nash in a new in-home school.
  • I left the new job.
  • I returned to an old job, working remotely.
Whew. It has already been a year of change, of life lessons, and immense blessings. Now that my work life has leveled out a bit, we finally feel like we can focus on establishing our life here in OKC. I'm so anxious to build relationships here - we truly miss our friends from Arkansas.

Nash continues to change every day, it seems. He brings us so much joy. He is crawling and babbling now which makes him so much fun. He is such a blessing to our lives. Don't these pictures just make you want to squish him? :)