Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hello, 2010.

With the new year rolling in, I, like just about everyone else on Twitter, Facebook, and the blogosphere, have been setting some resolutions for this coming year. I read a great post by Chris Brogan on setting goals for yourself in the new year (I cannot find the post anywhere or else I'd give it some link love). In short, he wrote about using single words to summarize your goals so they are easy to remember and are larger than just "Lose 10 pounds."

So, in 2010, here are my goals:

Healthy - I want to be more active & actually use the gym membership that we pay for each month; make smarter food decisions; and overall, feel better about myself.

Frugal - I want to find creative ways to use things we already have; save more money; eat out less; and give more away.

Growth - I want to grow
personally by learning more about who I was created to be and Who I was created to live for; grow professionally by learning new skills & never settling for mediocrity; and grow relationally by investing time in my friends and families.

2009 was an amazing year with a lot that I am proud of, from taking on a new position at Rockfish as Director of Account Services to selling our house & preparing for a new one to celebrating our 3rd anniversary. Here's to another great year!