Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm a bad blogger

It's true. I work for an interactive company that is developing quite a name for itself in the social media world, which I find exciting and extremely interesting. And yet, I am a terrible participant. I'd like to say I am going to change, but I know that as more things get added to my plate, my poor blog will once again go by the way-side. So sad because I really do enjoy writing.

So while I have your rapt attention, I will give a brief overview of what is new in the Pyles household.

  1. We got a second sweet pup named Brooklyn. He is a 16-week old little morkie. I would post a picture, but I find Blogger's picture tools extremely annoying so you will just have to look on Facebook to see his precious face. He's great.
  2. I am still working on-site at Walmart and learning a ton. I even got the opportunity to eat dinner with Bob Greenberg, founder of R/GA, this past Monday in New York City. It was such an experience to just get to absorb the conversation. I miss my team back at RFI but am glad I have had this experience. I've learned more about business in the past 6 months than I did during my 2 years in my MBA program!
  3. I cut my hair short and got bangs...and I hate it. Nathan, on the other hand, shaved his head and loves it (I like it too). I wish I could do the same. Hair is such a pain.
  4. Nathan sold his motorcycle as well as his beater car in exchange for something a bit more safe and practical, a 99 Toyota 4Runner. We're officially grown ups.

I think that's all the news-worthy happenings at the Pyles house as of late. Until next time...