Wednesday, May 12, 2010


On Mother's Day, Nathan and I got the great surprise that we would be welcoming a new addition to our family. :) It seems only fitting that we publicly announce "Nugget" (as we are calling baby Pyles) on Father's Day.

This weekend we went to Cushing to have our first ultrasound by Dr. Tracy (my Father-in-Law). It was the coolest experience for many reasons. One, it confirmed that there really is a person growing inside there and I'm not just getting fat. Two, we were able to share it with both of our parents. And three, Nugget was doing all sorts of moves - I'm convinced he/she will be a great dancer! Below are some of the better shots we got.

I think this one looks like an alien. :)

How precious is that profile?!

The official due date is 1/7/2011. I am currently 11 weeks along and finishing out the first trimester. So far, I've been somewhat nauseous but not as bad as the horror stories I have heard. Mainly I am just exhausted and have way less energy than I am used to. Both me and the baby are healthy, though, and that is all that matters. Nathan and I couldn't be more excited!

Life's about to get interesting...