Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Run Free Marathon

Today was the long awaited Run Free Race. I could not have asked for better running mates than my fabulous gal pals Sara & Elizabeth. They kept me motivated through all 26.2 nonexistant miles. Now this was not a race like any other race. We faced obstacles, injuries, and wild animals along the way.

Pre-Race: Carbing up
It's very important to have proper nutrition before a big race. We took this quite seriously with homemade buttermilk biscuits & bacon gravy, banana bread, sprinkle donuts, and a little extra bacon for good measure.

Preparing our Bodies
Not just anybody can run 26.2 miles. It's important to prepare your body for what's to come with proper stretching.

 Team Hot Sundae is ready to rock this!!

Off to a good Start
The way you start a race is just as important as the way you finish. We had immense concentration as we kicked off the morning.

We got this!

We're serious about running.

Police Escort
The local police were there to get us going as well. Officer Miller helped set the pace and make sure the roads were cleared for us to run. Clearly, we started out in the lead of all the other runners.

We should have gotten a ticket for speeding!!

Wild Animals
A flock of ferocious birds blocked our path but we did not let this deter us. No wild beast could stand in our way!

The Rock Wall
We had to scale a rock wall to continue on. We took that wall by force and gracefully mastered it to continue on.

Agility Test
Each of us had to face our own agility test around the traffic cones. We had to prove that we were the fittest of the bunch by leaping, weaving and hurdling these obstacles.

Staying Motivated
When the going got tough, we were encouraged by fans and our team mates alike. It's important to have a strong support system during a marathon. It's also important to have someone dangling Thin Mints in front of you to keep you going.

You can do this, Sara! (E was our motivational coach)

Thanks for the motivation, Cooper. I will run like I am chasing the ice cream man.

The Zip Line
As we approached the end of our journey, we had to face the gruesome zip line. Once again, we faced our fitness fears with grace and ease, mastering this enormous challenge.

No Pain, No Gain
Our journey was not without injury. Luckily, Dr. Nash Pyles was there to nurse us all back to health.
Dr. Pyles is so kind to his patients. You're going to make it, Miss Elizabeth.

I desperately needed a shot along the way - just a little adrenaline.

An ice pack for Sara's hamstring

Finishing Strong
Finally, after 26.2 long miles, we approached the finish line. It was a feeling like none other, to know that we had accomplished something amazing.

26.2 miles really is exhausting

I rock!!

The Recovery
It's important to hydrate and consume nutritious calories after a long run.

So there you have it. My first 26.2 Run Free Race. It really was the greatest race that never was.