Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's a boy!!

We found out on Tuesday that Nugget is indeed a healthy baby boy. We are so happy to be able to call him by name now - Nash Douglas Pyles. He was very active during the ultrasound, doing all sorts of dance moves and showing off his stuff. It was precious. We've enjoyed re-watching the DVD with our parents - they are very proud Grandmas and Grandpas.

Once I finally knew what the gender was, the Nesting bug hit in full force! I have been looking at bedding, paint colors, nursery themes, and everything in between. Today we bought some of Nash's first outfits - and he is going to be so cute. We also purchased his bedding today from Pottery Barn Kids.

We're not sure about colors or theme yet, but know we want to do something simple and timeless that he can grow into. It's been so fun to look at all the different options and pretty overwhelming. We'll have to keep ourselves in check because there is so much you can buy but not necessarily things he actually needs. I'm sure that is something we will be reminding ourselves of many times throughout the coming years. :)

20 weeks down - 20 more to go!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mango Mania

We are officially to the Mango phase. That's right, Nugget is the size of a mango now. I feel like he/she should be so much bigger considering the size of my stomach...and well, really, the rest of me. We find out on Tuesday (yes, 2 days away!) whether Nugget is a boy or a girl. I cannot wait! We shopped the web for baby bedding and decorations this weekend. While either gender would be wonderful, I have to admit that girls' stuff is way more fun and cute. Look at this amazing bedding we found on

Lizzie by Cotton Tale

Everyone asks if I have a hunch or intuition about whether it's a boy or a girl. The truth is, I really don't. I'm not sure that I have allowed myself to really get attached to either one since we don't know what God has in store. I have been afraid to think, "Oh, yes, it's definitely a girl" for fear that I might be disappointed if it is really a boy (or vice versa). I really think either would be wonderful. And at the end of the day, what I want really doesn't matter, does it?

In 48 hours, we will know!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A little flutter...

Tonight I felt my first little flutter from Nugget. What a neat feeling! It's nice to know he/she is really in there. I cannot wait to call them by name - just 11 more days to go until we find out. We started registering 2 weekends ago in Oklahoma with my parents. It was fun to see all the different products out there - for like 2 minutes and then it was just overwhelming! There are so many things to see and think about. It's hard to know what is essential and what is just really good shopper marketing. Thus far, we have only started our Babys R Us registry. We also made our first function-over-fashion furniture purchase at Mathis Brothers (love that store!) while we were in Oklahoma. We got this amazing recliner:

Beautiful? Not at all. But amazingly comfortable. It hugs you and reclines almost completely to 180 degrees. There will be many nights spent in this comfy chair rocking a precious baby.

Nugget is currently the size of a sweet potato. I decided to compare this to my belly at the grocery store this week.

(sorry - lookin' a little rough in the pic but you get the idea)

To end this post, I will leave you with a group opinion poll. Is Nugget a boy or a girl? :)