Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Daily Blessings

Two days ago marked another tragic day in Oklahoma history as a 2-mile wide tornado tore through miles of Moore & South OKC. I have been overwhelmed by the destruction, the loss, and the helplessness of my beloved state. However, through this, an outpouring of love has come from fellow Oklahomans, Americans and people all over the world who are hurting along side our state and stepping up to care for us. It truly is amazing and humbling.

So, today I am choosing to see the blessings - the small moments that make up the larger moments that are our life - and thanking the Lord for another day with my loved ones. The things I usually take for granted are sweeter today.

My daily blessings:

  • Family worship time reading a simple toddler Bible story together followed by snuggles in bed and more books to read. 
  • A cupcake date with my son.
  • Assembling a new rocking chair for our baby girl's nursery as a family, working together to make sure she is well cared for when she arrives in just a few short months.
  • Quiet moments in the house with two loving pups curled up at my feet.
  • Chaos moments in the house as we scramble to get everyone dressed, fed, lunches packed, teeth brushed, and out of the door on time.
  • The constant assurance of a Savior who is sovereign in the midst of all of life's moments - big, small, minute, and catastrophic - He is in control & He is good.

I hope you too will pause today and see your blessings through routine. 

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