Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December 26, 2010

Nash made his debut at 2:43a.m. on December 26, 2010!! Nathan and I still cannot believe that he is here - and at the same time, it feels like he always should have been. He is so amazing and I cannot put into words how much love I already feel for this little boy. God is so good to give us this gift!

I've had a few people ask about the story of his delivery, so I thought it would be easier to just post it here. To sum it up in one word, it was FAST. Both of our parents were in town for Christmas. We had a great day with them, and Nathan's folks left around 2:00 to head back home, since Nash did not seem to want to make an appearance. My parents were scheduled to leave the next day. After dinner, though, I felt what I thought was my water breaking. I was scared to have a false call, so I took about an hour to do some at home assessment (I'll spare you the details.) Around 8:30, though, I decided to call the hospital and talk through my symptoms. They said for us to go ahead and come on down to be assessed. We made it to the hospital around 9:15, where they confirmed that my water had indeed broken, although I was still only dilated to 2.5 cm. They admitted me by about 9:45, where they got me hooked up to all the machines and started giving me Patocin to get things moving. By about 10:45, I was in labor with an epidural administered. Praise the Lord I didn't have to feel hardly any contractions, and definitely not the hard ones. We all settled in for a long night of contractions. Nash had a different plan, though. Around 1:30am they upped my Patocin. Luckily, Nathan's folks made it back to Arkansas by 1:45 am, just in time! By 2:00, I was paging the nurse, telling her I thought it was time. Sure enough, Nash was ready! The doctor rushed back to the hospital, but was sure I'd have about an hour of pushing to do. I started pushing at 2:30 and by 2:43, we had a Nash. :) I couldn't have asked for a smoother delivery - it was a wonderful, life changing experience. The staff at Willow Creek Women's Hospital were amazing and took great care of us. Nash came out healthy and screaming!

We came home yesterday just after lunch and have slowly but surely been getting used to each other. I am exhausted, emotional, and dealing with all the joys of recovery, but Nash makes it all worth while. I am so in love with him and grateful for a healthy baby, smooth delivery, and the gift of parenthood. I'll leave you with a few of our favorite shots thus far.

Just after he arrived.

Gramps and Nana meeting Nash for the first time.

Grandma Doris and Nash

So handsome!

Headed home!


Tracy said...

God is good and it is amazing how well everything went. It was actually enjoyable being on the other side of things (not the doc). You and Nathan are wonderful and I am a VERY proud grandpa.

Anonymous said...

He is beautiful! What a gift from God! So thankful you had a smooth labor a d delivery. Praying all continues to go well. Love and prayers, Kelly Weir

marie said...

He is beautiful, and a precious gift from our Lord! Amy, you look radiant, and Nash is such a cutie. I rejoice with you all, and thank God for your healthy pregnancy, and smooth labor and delivery of this healthy baby boy. May he grow in stature, wisdom, and to a personal, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. Thank You, Lord, for all going so well!
Your friend,
(in BSF with your Mom)