Sunday, October 9, 2011


Today has been one of those memorable days that Nathan and I have many exchanged looks that say, "Yes, this is parenthood." Here's what we have experienced in the past day:

  • Baby waking multiple times through the night to babel, cry, and cough. (breaks my heart to hear that pitiful cough!)
  • Diaper explosion that had poop up to the armpits, complete with Daddy accidentally flinging said poop onto my face. (Yes, that was disgusting.)
  • Quickly running over to whatever Nash is getting into and yelling "No, Nash!" about 50 times.
  • Baby almost pulling a bottle of red wine off the end table
  • Baby almost pulling a glass of Scotch off the end table
  • Pulling a dog bone out of Nash's mouth as he peeks up between your legs as you sit on the couch trying to enjoy that glass of Scotch
  • Baby licking an outlet (yes, it had protective plugs in PTL!)
Whew...and we're loving every minute!

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