Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Approaching

With Christmas just weeks away, Nathan and I have been discussing what Christmas will be for our family - what traditions do we want to start and what do we want to carry over from our families. It's amazing how little you talk about these things until you have children. I look back at my childhood and Christmas was always such a fun and special time. There are so many of my experiences that I want to give to Nash. But there are also new ones that we want him to have. I want Nash to know that we don't celebrate Santa and that Christmas is not about "me". It's about the birth of our Lord and celebrating the sacrifice he gave to us. While a big fat man coming down your chimney with presents may sound more magical to Nash, the true wonder is how our Lord came into this world and that he defeated death that we might live. But how do you teach that? How do we learn that and model that for our son? That is definitely my prayer this Christmas - that God would change Nathan's and my mindset so we could teach that to our son. I so desperately want him to be a better person than me!


Christina said...

I love that! I struggle with it too. I don't want "Santa" to detract from what Christmas is really about. For now I'm trying to find a way to still do the Santa thing a little while he's so young, but I go back and forth on whether I should even let him believe in the fat man at all.

Molly said...

Hey Ams! I happened to see this and thought I would comment since we are talking through Santa this year for the first time, now that Lydia is 3 (and actually gets it a little more). We talk about Santa just like we do everything else in books that is fun and pretend. She knows who Santa is, she pointed him out at the mall, he is in a couple of Christmas books we read, but it is a story and we don't push it as anything else. We don't talk about being good to get gifts. I think there is plenty of room for anticipation in Christmas aside from waiting for the big fat man :)